Check In

We’re used to solitary journeys. Oftentimes the most important areas of our lives are shared by no one, not even with those with whom we are closest. This is most true in our spiritual life. We may think that this is because that area of our life is so personal. That’s as it should be, but that’s not the reason. We do not share it because it is private and the life of an apprentice is never private, it is a shared life. Yet moving from the extreme privacy to shared life is no easy step. It’s less threatening to share it with one or two who are on the same journey.

Thus, checking in is a critical practice in getting our spiritual life growing again. It is a simple discipline. It calls for us to find one or two others to meet with regularly over coffee at our favorite coffee bar or over lunch or any other activity where we can meet and talk. Weekly works best, but even monthly will do.

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