Practice Gratitude

Gratitude, like graceful, graciousness and gratuity all have their roots in the word and concept of Grace. And grace is a gift freely given. Gratitude acknowledges that so much in our lives is far beyond our ability to create or to earn. Gratitude keeps us mindful of the presence and generosity of God. And there is so much to be grateful for: relationships, the beauty of the created order, the material blessings in our lives and life itself. As a spiritual discipline it can be exercised by looking right in front of us at the things we take for granted. Before you eat, stop and take a look at the food before you. Be grateful for the abundance. Stop and contemplate the presence of friends. Be grateful for companionship. There are innumerable little things that touch our lives each day; and each is a reminder of the presence and graciousness of God.

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