Show up

Woody Allen is credited with saying 80% of success is just showing up. However, in the Trinity Way of Life, showing up has much greater significance. Being an apprentice of Jesus is not a solitary journey. Wherever the journey takes us, it takes us in company. That community is expressed in two ways. The closest company are a group with whom we share the learnings, the joys and the frustrations of our apprenticeship. Such groups are generally small, a dozen at the outside. Sometimes they walk together for many years, sometimes for a few months. There is often a common agenda, perhaps a Bible study or study series (such as Just 10 or the talks from the Simply Jesus gathering). Yet beyond the curriculum it is in those groups that we learn to care for each other, to work through disagreement and conflict, to share our faltering stories in a safe place.

The second way in which “Show Up” is expressed is more common. It is when the whole o fthe community gathers weekly to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in the meal He gave us. But when is a meal more than a meal? When it takes people scattered by the diverse activities of their week and reconnects them. The Christian community is described int he Scriptures as the Body of Christ, When the elements of a body are separated we speak of them as being “dis-membered.” The meal is the place where we are re-membered, And that act gives the full meaning of Jesus’ command: Do this in remembrance of me. We Show Up, share a meal and the Body of Christ is Re-membered.

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