Apprentices of Jesus:
The Trinity Way of Life

Most of the time Christians call it discipleship. We prefer the term apprentice. One can become a disciple of almost anyone living or dead. All one needs is the essential teachings of the person in question. On the other hand, one can only be apprenticed to someone alive. Jesus the Christ is Risen, alive and accessible to all who seek Him.

However, apprenticeship is not a solitary practice. We're in this journey together, sharing a common life and, in the case of apprenticeship, sharing a common discipline. This discipline we call the Trinity Way of Life. In the cause of simplicity and flexibility we keep it to eight elements:

  1. Pay Attention (Prayer)
  2. Show Up (Community)
  3. Serve Others (Service)
  4. Learn the Story (Study of Scripture)
  5. Give As We Receive (Generosity)
  6. Check In (Accountability)
  7. Practice Gratitude (Thankfulness)
  8. Tell the Story (Witness)

Here’s a brief description of what they mean:

  1. Pay Attention: Turn our whole attention to God for 10 seconds at least once each day. (As we grow do this more frequently and longer)
  2. Show Up: Celebrate the Resurrection each Sunday by gathering with the Trinity Parish family; be part of a group that meets regularly for spiritual growth AND fellowship
  3. Serve Others: Ask God to show you each day how to bring refreshment to the persons you meet; select one ministry of service in the parish or the community to which you will give time as a volunteer
  4. Learn the story: Find a Bible reading program and follow it
  5. Give As We Receive: Select a proportion (percentage) of what you receive to return to God in thanksgiving; review and revise the percentage annually
  6. Check In: Select 1-3 friends to meet with weekly and share how the Trinity Way is (or isn’t) working for you.
  7. Practice Gratitude: Look for the wonder of God’s generosity in the midst of the ordinary and give thanks.
  8. Tell the Story: Share what you have seen and heard God doing.


What's on offer:

For children: Our children join us for the beginning of our service. After the Collect (prayer) for the day we call them forward give them our blessing and send them forth into their classes. Children return in time for Holy Communion.

For youth: Trinity Youth Group(TYG) is both fellowship and spiritual formation. You can find more about their schedule on our Youth page.

For adults: On Sunday mornings we offer three options for adults between our services (approximately 9:15a to 10:15a). A book study meets in the parish library, an adult forum on a range of topics meetis in the parish hall; and an orientation class meets in Ascension chapel for new members and established members looking for a “refresher.”