The Vestry is the governing board of an Episcopal parish. At Trinity our Vestry consists of three classes of three members each, one third rotating off the Vestry each year. Other members of the Vestry are the rector, Senior and Junior Wardens, Treasurer and Clerk.


Trinity Vestry 2015

Kim Houtchens

Senior Warden

Robb Audette

Junior Warden

Jan Branham

Class of 2016

Bev Hayse

Class of 2016

Joan Milne

Class of 2016

Bret Jenkins

Class of 2017

Norm Kaiser

Class of 2017

Kay Ward

Class of 2017

Janet Bedingfield

Class of 2018

Ron Gallegos

Class of 2018

Barbara Rhine

Class of 2018

Karoline Woodruff

Clerk of the Vestry

Andrew Romero

Parish Treasurer

About our Vestry:

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