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If you’re new to this area, our Sunday services rely on many people in a variety of capacities. Here’s what’s involved:

Acolytes lead the various processions and are the “utility players” of the service. They assist the clergy in preparing the elements and vessels used in Holy Communion, deliver and receive the offering basins, and tending the gate to the sanctuary. Most of our acolytes are youth, but adults are encouraged to take part in this ministry. Training is done by our acolyte masters.

Chalice Ministers lead the reading of the Psalm, take part in the Gospel Procession (10:30 service), and administer the wine at Holy Communion. Chalice Ministers are licensed by the bishop for this ministry. Chalice ministers are trained by the clergy.

Lectors are trained in the public reading of Scripture. The clergy do training.

Intercessors lead the Prayers of the People and are trained by the clergy.

Prayer Ministers pray for all who seek prayer at our services. They are trained by the Wholeness Ministry.

Vergers direct the processions but their primary work is before the service to assure that all assigned ministers are in place and help find substitutes when required. Vergers serve at both services.

Greeters welcome our members and guests.

Ushers distribute bulletins and conduct the congregation to receive Holy Communion.

Coffee Hosts provide refreshments for our post service social time.

Altar Guild members (also called “sacristans”) are in charge of the elements and vessels used in worship, preparing the sanctuary for our worship. The Altar Guild operates as monthly teams and are not listed on the worship schedules.

 We welcome new participants in all these ministries!